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Registration Begins Here

The registration process includes the following steps:

  1. Download the provided Excel spreadsheet and open it on your computer;
  2. Click on “Enable Editing” in top yellow bar (if showing) and complete all fields for call letters, contacts, network services, etc;
  3. Rename and Save the file as an .xlsx;
  4. Email the completed spreadsheet to and include the best day/time to schedule your Synchronizer installation. Sync Support will contact you to review/confirm all of your information and schedule your installation;
  5. To prepare for your installation, add up all of the network commercial minutes you are required to air each day, then double the number to accommodate 30-second ads, and create a range of cart #’s matching that quantity that we can use exclusively each day.

    For example, you subscribe to a network service that requires you to provide two (2) minutes per day which equates to four (4) 30’s. We use one cart per ad, so we would need four (4) cart #’s. You place them in automation and we’ll fill them.

    Our system will fill each cart a few minutes after midnight every day with the upcoming day’s commercials. 
  6. Once installation has been completed we’ll contact you for cc billing info.

Register Here:

Step 1: Open Spreadsheet

click on button to open spreadsheet in web browser. Download it: File > Download > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx). 


 Step 2: Add Your Details

Please complete all of the requested fields where indicated. Use additional columns for multiple radio stations. When done, please save the file on your computer and email it back to us:

Questions: 888-420-7590 x2